About us


The click4all team is part of Fondazione ASPHI Onlus, a non profit organization that since 1980 deals with digital technologies to foster social, educational and work inclusion on behalf of people with disabilities.


Foto Luca

Luca Enei

He is an engineer and started working with computer aids for the disabled during his civil service. When not busy with a welder and an electronic card, Luca plays guitar. “Hacker” soul of the group, he is a man of few words, often the right ones. He knows all the secrets to make accessible the world, from a smartphone to a toothbrush.

foto Nicola

Nicola Gencarelli

Graduated in Communication Sciences and Educational Sciences, he worked for 10 years at the University of Bologna, as tutor for students with disabilities. When not traveling for training teachers, educators and rehabilitators, Nicola is on stage together with “Cantieri Meticci”, a multicultural theatre company. In 2012 he published Ausili fai da te. Creare e adattare oggetti e strumenti tecnologici per la disabilità (Erickson), a book about creating and adapting objects and technological tools for impaired people. With click4all he moved from theory to practice.

Foto Francesco

Francesco Susi

Graduated in computer science, devoted to the open source philosophy and true to Linux. Lover of reptiles, he prefers the Python language. Do not look for it on social: Francesco is not on Facebook and does not make selfies. That’s why we keep it tight.

foto Giusi

Giusi Zamarra

PhD in Pedagogical Sciences at the Department of Educational Sciences, University of Bologna, Giusi is specialized in the field of Special Education. Always engaged in experimenting technologies in schools for inclusive education, in her free time she likes photography and listening to (would you ever guess?) the Black Sabbath. Inflexible judge of click4all prototypes, she wouldn’t be satisfied with things not well done..

Foto Cristina

Cristina Manfredini

Professional pedagogue, she graduated with a thesis on deafness. An expert in educational and rehabilitation methods for disability, she became keen about the world of technology working as Project Manager at Asphi Foundation Onlus. With a knack for DIY and creative materials, she is the artistic soul of click4all.



Click4all aspires to build a digital world for everybody and allows ICT access to the widest number of people with disability. It aims to create the accessibility of the future, revolutionizing the concept of computer aid. Through the development and dissemination of “tailored” digital tools, easy and enticing to use, click4all wants to support and inspire educators, rehabilitation professionals and families, with the purpose of promoting learning, communication and social participation of children and adults with disabilities.



The idea stems from the experiences with children and young adults with disabilities in schools and day care centers, together with educators and rehabilitators.

In March 2015 we produced the first prototypes, which were given for test to some schools, day care centers and rehabilitation centers throughout Italy. They were used to facilitate access to computers and digital devices by children and adults with intellectual or physical disabilities.

In October 2015 a click4all prototype crossed the Italian borders: Armadilla, a NGO working in Syria since long, involved the team of click4all in a collaborative project with ZAM, a Syrian rehabilitation center for children with disabilities, located in Damascus. After a short training, the teachers, rehabilitators and parents of the children attending the center, were able to use two click4all kits: with great enthusiasm and competence they invented new and creative ways to interact with the digital instruments.


logo think for social


In March 2016, click4all won the call for tenders “Think for social” issued by Fondazione Vodafone Italia. Chosen among more than 400 projects, click4all – thanks to the growth grant won – can aspire to a widespread distribution on the market of technological solutions in the field of education and rehabilitation.



logo make to care


On 12 October 2016 our project click4all was awarded as a successful candidate in Make to Care competition, in Rome, that has selected innovative solutions for disability. Make to care shall be promoted by Sanofi Genzyme in cooperation with Maker Faire Rome and ASTER consortium, company for research and innovation of Emilia-Romagna region.