What it is

You can connect click4all via usb or bluetooth with smartphones, tablets and computers in order to build your own digital world.

You can create up to 12 TOUCH buttons with different objects or conductive materials (e.g. play doh, fruits, tinfoil, metallic objects, conductive fabric and paint, etc.). TOUCH buttons are activated by touching them.

You can create up to 6 CLICK switches. Click4all is compatibile with any on/off switches with a 1/8 inch (3.5 mm) jack cable. The Starter Kit includes two switches customisable with toy building blocks.



Click4all is ready to be used with a BASIC configuration of keyboard and mouse controls. With the MyClick4all software it is possible to upload other configurations with different controls or to create customised configurations.




Connect the alligator cable plug to the black ports 1 to 6 and 7 to 12, to create TOUCH buttons. Clip the alligator cable clamp to the object or conductive manterial that you want to use as a button.


Fig.1: some examples of conductive materials

Fig.3: conductive plastic arrow

Fig.2: conductive ink on paper

Fig.4: conductive fabric




Connect the external switches included in the Starter Kit or any compatible switch to the green ports A to F.

Fig.5: examples of switches

Fig.6: switches “do it yourself”


Pre-order click4all starter kit

 for € 230 incl. VAT


Pre-order doesn’t constitute any sort of purchase obligation, but allows you to be included on a priority list and it’ll ensure the possibility of confirm the purchase and receive it at the Early Users price.

Included in the price MyClick4all software configuration.

Free shipping for Italy only.

Click4all will be available since June 2017


Click4all Starter Kit includes:

  • 1 click4all
  • 1 usb cable
  • 6 alligator cables for touch buttons
  • 2 click switches
  • 1 extension cable for further 6 touch buttons
  • MyClick4all software (to upload or to create new configurations for different keyboard, mouse and digital controls)