Children with complex disabilities are often unable to use standard keyboards and pointing devices; they need specific assistive technologies. Click4all allows you to invent and build up your own keyboard and your personal mouse using objects and materials you like. You can create different kinds of buttons:

  • Touch buttons (e.g.: any shape of conductive plastic can be activated by touch)
  • Press buttons (e.g.: a plastic button, you can activate by pression )
  • Wear buttons (e.g.: cloth strips you can sew on a T-shirts, a doll, a glove, a pillow, etc.)
  • Do-it-yourself buttons (e.g.: obiects built by modeling clay, foils, magnets; or pencil drawings, water glasses, and anything containing liquid or metal materials.), etc.

With click4all teachers and educators can include disabled students in educational and learning activities involving the use of computers (music, cause/effect games, video games, etc.). Rehabilitation professionals can build customized and motivating activities and exercises through the media reinforcement.